Building the future with exceptional entrepreneurs.

Investing in the next generation of companies disrupting the status quo.


We identify, fund & mentor startups that fit our investment thesis. 

We focus on Consumer Products & Services, Healthcare & Fintech companies. Most companies we look at are post-revenue, or have creatively proven Product Market Fit. 

We are geographically agnostic, having invested in USA, India & the Middle East, and continue to scout for innovative companies across the globe.


What founders say about us

Satish Movva

Founder & CEO, CarePredict Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

"Sanket thinks strategically and is 8 moves ahead every time!"

Pooja Dhingra

Founder & CEO, Le15 Pâtisserie Ltd.

Mumbai, India

"Very few businesses are lucky to have investors who feel like partners and well wishers!"

 Orahn Preiss-Bloom

Founder & CIO, Ossio Ltd

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Secocha Ventures led our Round A financing in a manner that was both collaborative and transparent. Since then, they have exceeded every commitment they have made and been a key part of our road to success."


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