• Sanket S. Parekh

For Sheets & Giggles

We're extremely proud to join Colin McIntosh and Sheets & Giggles on a great adventure!

We won't surprise early stage investors when we say this: we invested in Colin first and foremost. Of the hundreds of founders that pitch us every year, very few instantaneously make us want to sign up for the rocky journey of startup investing. Colin is one of these rare individuals, in no small part because of his ability to show relentlessness, vulnerability and thoughtfulness.

When we evaluate DTC brands, we of course look at their ability to disrupt supply chain and distribution channels in very large markets. But we pay even more attention when the market in question is commoditized and brand agnostic. Add product innovation and marketing brilliance to the mix and you have our full undivided attention.

No surprise, then, that we invested in Clare, which ticked all of these boxes (and many more). Sheets & Giggles falls into the same category. Colin is tackling a $20B+ market with no brand differentiation or loyalty, with Eucalyptus-based bedding that is not only more comfortable than cotton sheets (softer, cooler, and more breathable) but also wildly more sustainable (saving up to 1,000 gallons of water per sheet set; no use of pesticides; replanting 1 tree for every order).

What sealed the deal for us is Sheets & Giggles' unique interactions with its customers. Colin lives and breathes customer service. He has also crafted a unique voice for the brand that understands that not every customer out there will connect with a brand that looks, feels, and speaks like Elle Decor. Extraordinary customer reviews and very strong early traction are the best proof of that.

Now, to new heights!


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