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Office Hours

About Office Hours

One of our missives that we’ve stated in our Investor Manifesto is to be Available. That extends beyond those companies that are already in our portfolio. Our Office Hours are meant to be an opportunity for more nascent startups in the ecosystems we participate in, to have an opportunity to meet with an investor in a casual setting.

  • Can I pitch during office hours?

    No. If you want to do a formal pitch because you think our fund may be a good fit for your round then office hours are not the right venue. Instead, send your pitch to

    If you want to use office hours to practice your pitch and get feedback on it then we’re happy to help. Please state that in your ask.

  • Who is this for?

    Early stage or aspiring founders who would like the chance to speak with a VC firm without the pressure of pitching.

  • How does it work?

    Fill out the Contact form and we’ll follow up with you to schedule a day.

    Prepare a short presentation or set of questions for us. We’ll do our best to respond and offer helpful insight within the time slot.

  • How much time are you devoting to this?

    30 minute sessions. We’ll ask you to fill out some information about yourself and your company below; this is intended to give us a sense of context before our meeting.

  • Who will I be speaking to during the session?

    Any one of our investment team members.

    Managing Partner, Sanket Parekh
    Principal, Vladimir Bertrand
    Analyst, Heloise Taillet

  • What can we cover during office hours?

    Feedback on your business/idea/pitch, general business advice, or VC related questions.

    Our overall impressions of what your company’s biggest risks/potential barriers are.

    We’ll honestly answer any question that you have, or tell you that we don’t have the answer.

  • How will you pick who gets a time slot during office hours?

    If there are fewer people that want a meeting than there are time slots, then everyone gets a slot.

    If there are more people than time slots, there will be a preference for discussion topics where we think we can be more helpful, and will accomodate others in time slots for a later week.

  • Can you refer me to other investors after we talk?

    Sorry, no. Referrals between VCs require a certain level of familiarity, and we can’t offer those types of intros if we’ve only spent 30 minutes with you.

Office Hours

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